The Short Film Day

Every year, between December 21 and 22, winter arrives in the northern hemisphere. This astronomical phenomenon that marks the shortest day of the year inspired the creation of the festival that celebrates cinema in the short format worldwide: The Short Film Day.

The Portuguese Short Film Agency presents 4 distinct programs, for all ages and audiences, with Portuguese and international films, screened from north to south of the country, and islands. Short Films Around the World proposes a journey through some of the works exhibited in the last edition of the Curtas Vila do Conde festival; the programme New Portuguese Shorts creates an opportunity to get to know Portuguese authors and their stories; the sections dedicated to the younger generation, Shorts for Everyone (M/6) and Short Friends (M/3), promise a lot of animation along with education through image.

To the programmes proposed by the Portuguese Short Film Agency, we can add the programmes of the various associations, film clubs, and other institutions that every year join the event.

In 2022, The Short Film Day will take place from December 1 to 31, with a special edition to mark its 10th edition.


Don't miss our schedule for the youngest visit the official website.

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